Implement Efficient Processes
Scale your service business
Develop and optimize your sales funnel
Qualify your leads with automated lead nurturing
Elevate trust and credibility for your new business


Helping You Grow Your

By running my own successful marketing agency, I have gained a deep understanding and mastery of the service-based business model. After over a decade in the trenches, I now offer assistance to service businesses struggling to optimize their marketing, implement efficient processes, adapt to digital trends, and achieve consistent growth.

Your Challenge

Starting a business is difficult. Once you’ve started, you might find the business to be occupying most of your waking hours. It is not giving you the financial and time freedom that you had envisioned. I can identify with this as I experienced the same in the initial years of my business.

The next challenge comes when you want to scale up your business. Again you might hit many hurdles and based on my experience, this boils down to not having the right systems and processes in place to aid your business growth.

My Experience

I have been running my agency for the past 8 years. I’ve managed to scale its revenue while freeing up more of my time. While it took me 6 years to get there, I can help you shorten your path with the systems that I have put in place.

How I can help you grow your service business:

Develop your processes (sales, invoicing and so on)
Qualify your leads with automated lead nurturing
Grow your revenue by ensuring you only speak to qualified leads
Build credibility and trust for your new business


“It is with total confidence and great pride that I recommend Mr Razy Shah for his outstanding teaching and coaching skills. Razy has given multiple invited talks/guest lectures to over 200 students from SP Jain School of Global Management. The lectures have been well received by our students as evidenced by my own observations and excellent written feedback such as: “Excellent lecture! It was very insightful and enlightening”; “Great speaker in stimulating interest in students”; “Best lecture, would love to learn more about it”; “The lecture uses a lot of relevant cases/examples, and interesting short discussions activities”. I am firmly convinced that Razy will continue to make outstanding performance for teaching quality work. Worthy of mention also is his personality, sincerity, responsibility and maturity.”

Dr. Tristan Chong

Associate Professor - SP Jain School of Global Management

“Razy recently participated in a Management Forum that I organised for my university students. He willingly and openly shared his experiences, shared his networking tips and what he wished he had known earlier. In particular, Razy shared his ‘7 career lessons’ which were not only highly relevant but also really well received. Razy has an open and really engaging presenting style, he’s open to honestly sharing his experiences and importantly, he also knows how to laugh at himself.”

Andrew Parker

Lecturer - Nanyang Technological University